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Sexual Health Media Resource Pack​
The Sexual Health Strategy identifies the media as a means to communicate on sexual health in an effective and responsible way.  When combined with a range of activities in a multifaceted approach, a positive message through the media can change behaviour.

The aim of the media pack is to raise the visibility of issues related to sexual and reproductive health based on the principles of individual and social rights and responsibilities, stemming from the values of respect and dignity to human life. The pack contains information which is of relevance to the local situation. The various resources included are designed to help editors, producers, and journalists cover the complex issues that surround sexual and reproductive health. Topics covered in the pack include sexuality and sexual health principles, adolescent sexuality, sexual diversity, love and intimacy, stages of interpersonal relationships, reproductive health, contraception and family planning, sexually transmitted infections, cervical cancer, teenage pregnancies, abortion and sexuality and relationships education.

School Criteria for Food Procurement​

The criteria for f
ood procurement was drawn up by the Advisory Council for the Procurement of food for Schools Regulations during school hours in accordance with Chapter 550 of the Healthy Lifestyle Promotion and Care of Non-Communicable Diseases Act. The criteria are updated from time to time and current update took place in October 2018.

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