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Long Stay Institutions

St Vincent de Paule Residence (SVPR)
Description of service
The service provided by the SLP team at SVPR involves individual assessment and therapy to residents with communication and swallowing difficulties. Intervention provision ranges from individual sessions to group sessions, direct to indirect as required. Frequency of sessions is according to client needs.
Quality of life for the resident is the overarching goal for the SLP and this is attained through supporting residents and caregivers to maintain effective communication at whatever stage of the individual’s medical condition.
The aims of the service are to:
  • identify residents with communication and swallowing difficulties in order to develop an  intervention programme that is  tailored to the client’s  needs; 
  • promote safety in swallowing and offer strategies to facilitate communication;
  • work within the multi disciplinary team to create a supportive environment that will enable and empower the resident to participate to his/her optimal ability;
  • collaborate in the continuous professional training of SVPR staff to ensure quality of care is sustained.