Pharmaceutical Strategy and Policy
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Pharmaceutical Strategy and Policy

This Unit focuses on pharmaceutical policies regarding the provision of medicines within national healthcare services, and is responsible for research, development and implementation of Government pharmaceutical policies. It is also responsible for providing expert advice on policy issues regarding medicines, their provision and their use to the Director for Pharmaceutical Affairs, the Chief Medical Officer and the Minister for Health.

The overall goal of pharmaceutical policy is to promote equity and sustainability of the pharmaceutical sector by ensuring that safe, effective and good quality medicines are accessible, affordable, and used rationally. Consequently, the main areas of focus for the Pharmaceutical Strategy and Policy Unit are medicines access, affordability, safe and cost-effective use, patient eligibility, prescribing practice, pricing and reimbursement, formulary management, pharmacovigilance, pharmaceutical service development, stakeholder involvement and remuneration systems.

This Unit engages in project-based background research which provides the knowledge base on which policies can be discussed and drawn up. Current research projects are ongoing in the fields of horizon scanning, gene therapy and medicine shortages.