Clayton Bartolo
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Clayton Bartolo


What is your name and what is your
official designation within the Ministry for Health?
My name is Clayton Bartolo and I am an ICT Officer within the Information Management Unit

Where do you work and what do your duties entail?
I am assigned to the Project Management Office and some of my main duties entail; 

Identify risks a​nd problems for new or ready
implemented projects,​
Overseeing ICT related projects,

Supplier management and coordination,
Technical analysis of the IT systems and
solution employed in the Ministry,
Promoting software reusability and

Guide and assist Business Owners in planning, 
Identify risks a​nd problems for new or ready implemented projects,​
​​Reviewing ICT related contracts within the Ministry of Health from a technical perspective.

How long have you been working with the Public Service?
I have been working with the Public Service for the past 5 years.

Are there any specific qualifications required for your post?
The qualifications required for such posts must be related to ICT and most importantly recognised by MQRIC at Levels 5, 6 or 7. 

What attracted you to take up your profession and to the health service?
I always had a particular interest in electronics and gadgets. However, I think the most influential factor that led me to choose this profession was my first computer in 1998. Soon after, I attended a PC Technician course and was accepted at the Institute of Information Communication and Technology at MCAST. 

Prior to me joining the Public Service, I worked as a computer technician with a private company as a MITA subcontractor to provide IT support services to the Government of Malta.  I was assigned the Ministry for Health portfolio, meaning that I was responsible to support several entities and departments that fell under the Ministry of Health, including St Luke’s Hospital and Mater Dei Hospital. The role of technology and its importance to deliver health services was what attracted me to pursue my profession in the health service.
What motivates you most?
Innovative technologies and how these could be beneficial to the health sector. I strongly believe that technology is key to further improve our existing high-quality health services and patient care.

What about the teamwork between different professions/roles involved in relation to patient care?
Teamwork among the different professionals and positions involved is essential to provide high-quality health care services. Good collaboration between the different professions undoubtedly contributes to better patient outcomes, reduction in errors, increase in efficiency, and enhances patient experience.

Can you give us one challenge and one success story?
The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a number of challenges in recent months especially during first few weeks as teleworking was being encouraged. It proved challenging due to the number of requests submitted by users to have their workstations configured to allow them to work remotely.  Such configurations included the creation of VPN accounts, granting access to common resources and installation of programs such as Office, amongst others.

I was part of a team that upgraded a core clinical solution in use at Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre. The upgrade was carried out successfully without any service disruptions thanks to good planning and effective collaboration between all the team members designated to oversee the realisation of this project.

What advice would you give to young students considering taking up this profession?
Keep yourself informed. In the ICT field, there are several streams that one can opt to specialise in. Keeping abreast with the jobs being sought and opportunities available in the industry will also help you to identify the right certifications or training required for these kind of opportunities. 

Always aim higher. The further you progress in your studies the more knowledge you attain. Moreover, increasing and widening your knowledge is very important as this will ultimately open new doors to more opportunities.

Never give up. There will be several challenges throughout your studies and giving up should never be an option. Keep yourself motivated with the desire to learn more. 

Experience. Consider internships or student job placements for experience. These initiatives can only help you and prepare you for when the time comes to eventually start your career in ICT.

Never stop learning. Technology is continuously changing, advancing, and evolving, and therefore it is very important that one keeps himself/herself updated with the latest technology trends.

What are the benefits of working with the public service?
Among the various benefits, personally the career opportunities, paid study leave, and the family friendly measures offered, are just a few of the benefits that I deem very important as part of my job satisfaction.