Celeste Galea
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Celeste Galea

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What is your name and what is your
official designation within the 
Ministry for Health?
My name is Celeste Galea and I am a Dental Surgery Assistant.

Where do you work and what do your duties entail?
I work at the Dental Department at Mater Dei Hospital. As assistants, we have several duties that ensure smooth running of the clinic whilst working as a team with the dentist. Such duties include; one to one assisting the dentist during several procedures such as oral surgery, preparing the clinic with the appropriate materials and instruments for the treatment planned,​disinfection and sterilisation of instruments, charting dental histories​, managing stock control, educating patients by giving them orgal hygiene instructions / post operative instructions, 

good quality patient care, process radiographic images. Anticipation is a key element a dental surgery assistant must possess to ensure that all the above mentioned points are run smoothly during the days at the clinic. Topping all duties, our main goal is providing excellent patient care. We as health care professionals, must ensure good quality patient care at all times, by being empathic whilst ensuring that the patient's visit at the clinic is always a positive one.

How long have you been working with the Public Service?
I’ve been working in the Public Service for 12 years

Are there any specific qualifications required for your post?
The Entry qualification requirements for a level 4 Diploma Certification are those of five MATSEC level examinations, one of which must be a science subject.

What attracted you to take up your profession and to the health service?
What attracted me the most in my profession is that a Dental Surgery Assistant's day is not a routine, everyday is unique in it's own way. This is due to the fact that dentistry branches out into many different areas of care. I consider myself a person which appreciates the day's work, by meeting different people with different stories to tell, and through my profession I could help them out in one way or another. I chose the health sector because I always admired all the health care professionals, teaming up and working together whilst keeping one goal in mind, which is providing excellent patient care.

What motivates you most?
The patient's smile on their faces upon exiting the clinic, is the reward that we acknowledge the most. That smile and the positivity motivates us even more to continue working hard as a team with the dentist in providing excellent treatment to our patients.

What about the teamwork between different professions/roles involved in relation to patient care? 
Teamwork is a fundamental role in the Dental Department, since it involves different professions working together with one aim, that of carrying out the required treatment for the patient. We as dental surgery assistants are a link in the chain of professions that help the patients in need. A perfect example of such teamwork is that of a dental surgery assistant and a dentist working closely together for optimal patient care.

Can you give us one challenge and one success story?
A challenging story which I'll always remember goes back years ago during my first clinic session in the surgery. I was in the room performing my duties during the clinic with the Oral Surgeon Consultant, the patient who was being seen was given the bad news of having oral cancer. This was a new and challenging experience for me, since I didn't know what to expect from the patient's end, bearing in mind that this was my first clinic. I couldn't hold back my feelings for the patient but I had to act professional by being empathic whilst offering help and reassurance with the treatment that eventually was required.

​​SuccessWith regards to a successful story, there is no particular one in mind but continuing on the story mentioned above, I had to assist in the operating theatre as a scrub nurse with the oral surgeons into carrying out the treatment for the patient. After months of appointments the patient was finally cancer free and the appreciation and gratitude we got from her confirmed our efforts as a success.

What advice would you give to young students considering taking up this profession?
My advice to young students would be to definitely take up this profession if you want a job that is not a  routine and also vast in different ways. This profession sheds a light on giving and receiving, by giving good patient care and being rewarded with a smile. Never give up and keep furthering your knowledge as the health sector is always evolving around us.

What are the benefits of working with the public service?
Working with the public service provides Public Officers with numerous benefits, these include;
making a difference as an individual,
flexibility in working hours,
paid training by allowing the employee to continue furthering your studies through CPD's
(Continued Professional Development) opportunities,
work dynamic

A benefit which I personally make use of, thanks to working with the public service is 'Sports Leave'. ​Being an active and a sportive individual myself, I benefit from 'sports leave' which includes 8 days of paid leave that one could make use of if they are going to compete and represent Malta overseas.