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Latest Selection Results

​Under delegated authority, as from 1st February 2016 onwards, call for applications issued by the Ministry for Health will have the respective result/s issued or published on the Ministry’s Notice Board at 15 Palazzo Castellania, Merchant Street, Valletta and on the noticeboards of the other offices, branches or institutions where the vacancy exsists. On the same day, a notification of the publication of the result will appear on this webpage. 

Breakdown of Marks
Request for breakdown of marks is to be addressed to the Director, Management Support within the Office of the Permanent Secretary in writing by e-mail, and may be obtained after that the notification of result appears on the Ministry’s website.

Petitions regarding a selction process are to be addressed to the Executive Secretary, Public Service Commission, in writing by e-mailing​ within:

  1. Ten (10) working days from the date on which notification appears on the website stating that the result has been issued, in case of posts or positions in salary scale 6 or below; or
  2. Ten (10) working days from the date on which the result is sent to the candidiate concerned by e-mail at the  e-mail address provided by the candidate on their application form, in the case of post/positions in salary scale 5 or higher.

Latest Selection Results
DateCall Title
24/02/2021CAF for Senior Staff Nurse PHC in MFH
23/02/2021Post of Consultant in Public Health Medicine with Special Interest in Health Care Commissioning in the Department of Policy in Health in the office of the CMO in within the MFH
23/02/2021Post of Assistant Manager (Human Resources) in MFH
23/02/2021Post of Principal Psychologist in the MFH
16/02/2021Post of Consultant in General Medicine and In Respiratory Medicine with a Special Interest in Lung Cancer within MDH, MFH
16/02/2021Post of Consultant in General Medicine and In Severe Asthma and Allergies within MDH, MFH
16/02/2021Promotion of GP to Senior General Practitioner in MFH
16/02/2021Revised Result - Practice Nurse (Practice Development)within Primary Health Care in MFH which was originally published on 24/11/2020
16/02/2021Revised Result - HST General Surgery in MFH
12/02/2021Post of Consultant General Surgery with special interest in Endocrine Surgery in the Department of Surgery at MDH in the MFH
12/02/2021Post of Consultant Otorhinolaryngologist with special interest in Otology and Cochlear Implant Surgery in the Department of Surgery at MDH IN THE MFH
12/02/2021Post of Pharmacy Technician within MFH
12/02/2021Promotion of HST to RS General Surgery in MFH
12/02/2021Promotion of HST to RS Public Health in MFH
08/02/2021Promotion of HST to RS Psychiatry in MFH