Guidelines in relation to Covid-19
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Guidelines in relation to Covid-19

The National Blood Transfusion Service would like to encourage those persons who are healthy to keep on coming to donate blood as hospital patients are still relying on your lifesaving donations.  
The department would like all donors to follow the below rules:-
  • when coming to donate blood we advise that you come unaccompanied 
  • to avoid lots of people in one place we advise that if a donor is accompanied by someone else this person is encouraged to stay outside the donation centre or bloodmobile unit
  • donors are asked to answer questions with regards to COVID-19
  • as usual, it is the responsibility of the donor, to be honest when answering such questions so that they will not compromise others health
  • the Blood Donation Centre also the Blood Mobile Unit are both clean and up to standards
  • your health is not compromised when you donate blood
  • the National Blood Transfusion Department and the Blood Mobile Unit are not the places where one can be checked for COVID-19
  • please do not come to department or bloodmobile unit if you feel unwell

  • Restrictions in relation to Covid-19
    Please do not come to donate blood if:-

  • Have Symptoms of :
  • cold, 
  • fever, 
  • cough,
  • sore throat,
  • fatigue,
  • any respiratory illness
  • There is anyone in the household who has symptoms of a cold, cough, fever and all the above
  • You are in Quarantine

As always all donors are encouraged to check their eligibility to donate before attending to donate blood.
For more information on eligibility click here​
Tested positive for covid-19                          Are you in quarantine but not tested positive to covid-19?

Took covid 19 vaccine