Annual Dental Conference
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Annual Dental Conference

​The Annual Dental Conference - Smile for Health was first organised in 1993 by Professor Hector Galea who was the Director of Dentistry in the public service at the time. Over time the conference started being organised jointly by the Dental Department and the Dental Services Section of the Primary Health Department. Eventually the Dental Public Health Unit took over the organising of this event. The conference has evolved significantly since its inception, with changes both in format, content and audience effected over these ensuing years.

The Conference is currently open to all dental surgeons, dental hygienists, dental technologists and dental assistants/nurses. This is an important opportunity for dental professionals and paraprofessionals to involve themselves in continuing education.

We are currently looking forward to organising the next Annual Dental Conference in a manner which is COVID-19 safe for all the dental team attending.