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​​Other information in relation to the Office of the Superintendence of Public Health.​

The prevalence of overweight and obesity among Maltese schoolchildren and adolescents has been increasing over recent years, as it has in other southern European countries. Various strategies are in place to enhance healthy lifestyles and prevent diseases. These include the Non Communicable Disease Strategy (2010), the National Cancer Plan (2017), the National Healthy Weight for Life Strategy (2015-2020), the Food and Nutrition Policy and Action Plan for Malta (2014) and Whole of School Approach to Healthy Lifestyle: Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Policy and Strategy for all schools in Malta (2015) and the upcoming Health Enhancing Physical Activity Strategy. Malta needs to strengthen the necessary framework and support an enabling school environment to help the whole school community to adopt healthier patterns of living by encouraging physical activity, promoting healthy foods and limiting the availability of products high in salt, sugar and fats. Subsidiary legislation Healthy Lifestyle Promotion and Care of Non-Communicable Diseases Act (Cap. 550). Procurement of Food for Schools Regulations,
LN 266 of 2018 regulates the food being sold and provided from schools, to implement programmes for healthy eating, not to permit advertising or sponsorship of unhealthy foods and to ensure provision of potable water in schools. The Advisory Council recommends the Criteria​ referred to in 3 (1) and (2).