Focal Nurses in Radiotherapy
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Focal Nurses in Radiotherapy

Clinical Hours
Monday to Sunday: 7am-2pm

Contact numbers
79000443/ 79004378

What services are offered by the Focal nurses in radiotherapy?
At the radiotherapy department, one can find the service of the radiotherapy Focal nurses. The Focal nurses will assess you prior commencing radiotherapy and will address your treatment-related queries. You will also be followed up throughout the treatment and post-treatment period. This will help you and your carers to get a better understanding of the treatment. During or after radiotherapy treatment, side-effects may occur. The Focal nurse can assist you in managing such side-effects.
The Focal nurse will ensure that you are aware of the services available and help you access these as needed. You can also be referred to other members of the multidisciplinary team.

Who can make use of the service?
All patients receiving radiotherapy treatment can make use of this service.

How can you be referred to a Focal nurse?
You can be referred by all health care professionals.