Radioisotope Unit
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Radioisotope Unit

Contact number.

Where is the Radioisotope Unit (RIU) at the Oncology Centre?
The RIU is located on Level 1.

Who is treated within this ward?
The unit consists of two single bedded isolation therapy rooms. Patients are referred to the RIU following an outpatient review by the clinical oncologist. Patients are treated for thyroid pathologies as an inpatient or outpatient, depending on the individual diagnosis and treatment prescribed. All necessary detailed information and leaflets are provided to you and your relatives before treatment is administered. You will attend an informative meeting before treatment is administered approximately a month before.

Appointments for scheduled treatment will be discussed with you as it is a prerequisite that every patient strictly follows pre- and post-treatment administration procedures.

Inpatient therapy services.
You will be admitted to the RIU on the due date of scheduled treatment. A medical doctor will then review you and all necessary investigations are performed. A detailed nursing assessment is performed beforehand. You will be then directed to enter the RIU isolation room for the actual administration of the treatment. Since the treatment is radioactive, it must be administered in a designated isolation area. Treatment is administered in a capsule form by the Physicist. You will be required to stay at the RIU for a few days. A detailed individual information booklet will be provided to you upon discharge.

Outpatient therapy services.
You will be asked to come to the unit accompanied by one relative prior to administration of treatment, during which time you will be given information regarding the actual procedure and the post-treatment precautions. You will be administered the treatment prescribed and discharged home. All necessary appointments will be provided beforehand and a detailed individual information booklet will be given to you upon discharge.

Diagnostic service.
Your clinical oncologist may book an I131 whole body scan (WBS) that uses a small radioactive substance (or tracer) to evaluate residual thyroid tissue following therapy. This tracer will be administered in a capsule form and you will be discharged home afterwards. You will be then be asked to attend for you WBS 2 days later at Medical Imaging Department (MID) at Level -1 Mater Dei Hospital (MDH).

Who will take care of me during my treatment?
During your stay, the Physicist, the doctor and unit nurse will attend to your needs.

What should I bring with me for my appointment?
During your stay, you will be encouraged to drink extra fluids. Light snacks are encouraged during your stay. Entertainment material can be brought (such as magazines, and newspaper). You are encouraged to bring three sets of clothes, as you will be requested to change your clothes every day until you are discharged.

Accompanying persons.
Relatives/friends can only accompany you before your treatment is administered. When you are admitted to the RIU, relatives are advised not to visit you.