Psychological Services
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Psychological Services

Clinical Hours
Monday to Friday: 6.30am – 2.30pm

Contact number

What does the Psychological Services department do?
The Psychological Services department gives psychological and emotional support to the patient (inpatient and outpatient) and their significant others.

What services are offered by the Psychological Services department?
The services include:
     • Assessment of the psychological needs of the patient, family members or significant others.
     • Therapy on an individual basis for the patient, family members or significant others.
     • Therapy for the family.
     • Bereavement therapy after the death of the patient.

Who can make use of this service?
Patients, family members and significant others

How can you be referred?
     • Through doctors and other professionals at Oncology Centre and Mater Dei Hospital
     • Through medical professionals and other professionals outside SAMOC and Mater Dei Hospital
     • Patients, family members or significant others can refer themselves