Focal Nurses in Palliative Care
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Focal Nurses in Palliative Care

Clinical hours
Monday to Sunday: 7am - 4pm

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What service is offered by the Focal nurses in palliative care?
The Focal nurses are a part of a multidisciplinary team whose aim is to establish ongoing goals of care for oncology patients on palliative care. These goals are based on the values and patient preferences, thus promoting a good quality of life.
Patients receiving palliative care will have various physical, psychosocial and spiritual needs. The Focal nurses can help with identifying these needs and direct you to the appropriate services in the community and/or at the Oncology Centre.
The physical and emotional effects of cancer and its treatment may vary from person to person. For example, differences in age, cultural background, or support systems may result in very different ways of dealing with the illness. Palliative care service can help patients set realistic goals for the present and the future that can allow them to lead a meaningful life despite the limitations that may develop.
Patients receiving palliative care, who are discharged from the oncology centre, can benefit from the service of Focal nurses for discharge planning and continuity of care.

Who can make use of the service?
Patients can start palliative care at any stage of their illness. Palliative care does not mean that their disease has reached an advanced stage or that they are in the final months of life. Family members are also an important part of cancer care and similarly, have a number of changing needs. It is common for caregivers to become overwhelmed by the new responsibilities placed upon them. Focal nurses in palliative care can provide caregivers with support, education and guidance in this regard.

How can you be referred to a Focal nurse?
You can be referred by all health care professionals.