Haematology Practice Nurse
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Haematology Practice Nurse

Clinical Hours
Monday to Sunday: 6:30 - 13:00

Contact numbers
25452655, 79847347

What service is offered by the Haematology Practice Nurse?
The Haematology Practice Nurse provides specialist care to blood cancer patients (haemato-oncology), and their person/s of trust. The Haematology Practice Nurse works in conjunction with the Haematologists and their respective medical teams. Following your appointment with the Haematologist, the Haematology Practice Nurse can provide information and advice to you and your family regarding aspects of your disease, treatment and care. All questions and thoughts that you might have are important, so if you are unsure about anything, please ask.
When appropriate, the Haematology Practice Nurse may refer you to other health professionals or external organisations.

You can be seen by the Haematology Practice Nurse at:
     • The Haematology unit,
     • Outpatients clinic, or
     • The Day Care.

Some of the services delivered are:
     • Educating patients and their carers about self-care and self-management during treatment
     • Educating patients and their carers about the side-effects of chemotherapy, and actions which can be taken to counteract these side-effects
     • Follow-up of patients during the course of illness
     • Being a ‘point of contact’
     • Advice and support to patients and their carers
     • Follow-up after treatment
     • Liaising with other health care professionals.

Who can make use of the service?
Any adult patient who has been diagnosed with acute or chronic Leukaemia, high or low grade Lymphoma, Myeloma or Myelodysplastic Syndrome can make use of this service. Person/s of trust of such patients can also make use of the service.

How can you be referred to the Haematology Practice Nurse?
Referral to the Haematology Practice Nurse can be made by any healthcare professional, yourself or your carers. This can be done either by filling the referral form, or by contacting the Haematology Practice Nurse.