Haematology Ward
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Haematology Ward

Visiting Hours
Monday to Sunday
11.00hrs - 12.00hrs
17.00hrs - 18.00hrs

  • Persons with a cold or infections should not enter the Haematology Ward.
  • Visiting outside visiting hours is restricted to one person only and is only allowed at the discretion of the Charge Nurse.
  • ​No Children under 12 years are allowed to visit unless accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times.​
  • Children should follow infection control precautions as adult visitors.

Phone: 25452330/1

Where is the Haematology Ward at the Oncology Centre?
The Haematology ward is located on Level 0.

Who is treated within this ward?
The patients who are treated within the Haematology Ward suffer from haemato-oncology disorders (blood cancer).

Who will look after me?
A team of professionals will be looking after you. The team consists of haematology consultants and medical doctors, nurses, haematology practice nursehaemato-oncology specialist nurse, paramedic aides and the clinical support services (physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers and psychologists).

What should I bring with me?
Any relevant medical documentation and any medication which you are taking at home should be brought along on admission to the ward. The patient should bring along the necessities for personal hygiene, comfortable clothes to sleep in, a glass or mug, water and a few healthy snacks that do not need to be kept refrigerated.

Meal times
Breakfast: 7.30-8.00
Lunch: 11.30-12.30
Dinner: 17.30-18.30

• Due to the nature of the treatment, your immune system is weakened, making you less able to resist infections. Therefore infections control measures are to be strictly adhered to.
• Please read infection control notifications on the ward and follow instructions appropriately.
• Flowers and plants are not allowed in the ward.​​