Spiritual Services
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Spiritual Services

The Chaplain at the hospital is a Roman Catholic priest assisting patients as well as hospital staff in their spiritual needs, administering the sacraments and providing spiritual direction.

The chaplain visits the ward and administers Holy Communion daily to patients in their respective ward. The patients as well as their carers can contact the Chaplain concerning their spiritual needs, including asking for the Holy Sacraments.

On the premises, there is a eucharistic chapel open daily from 6am till 4pm.

Mass is celebrated daily as follows:
Monday to Saturday: 06.30am
Sunday: 10.00am

Who can benefit from this service?
All patients can benefit from this service.


How can the chaplaincy service be reached?
The nursing staff from the ward will contact the chaplain if his assistance is needed. Patients can seek chaplain’s spiritual assistance at anytime by informing one of the nurses in their ward. The hospital chaplain will be very happy to assist you in all your religious and pastoral needs.

Other religious beliefs
Non-catholic patients can see their own pastor or religious leader and the chaplain will be more than willing to assist in calling them.